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Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting. While still in your pajamas, shop here for good quality, fascinating and unique HANDMADE
items that are made in the U.S.A. -from a smoke free & pet free home. Bookmark this website by saving me in your FAVORITES !!!

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(B) Pack of 3<br>Nose, Face, Mouth Covers  - Masks

+++ Traditional Quilt Blocks<br> Mostly 100% cottons.<br> Handmade in the USA.
Crib,Nursery, Lap<br>Baby,Wheelchair,Throw<br>Quilt Tops
FACE - NOSE - MOUTH Covers<br>Masks - Shields<br>MANY MORE To Come<br>Week of  April 6, 2020
+++ Traditional Quilt Blocks
Mostly 100% cottons.
Handmade in the USA.

IMPORTANT--- You will receive individual blocks, that are already formed. You can add sashing and posts, and several borders, when putting them together to form a quilt top, if desired.
These are not kits. You will receive blocks that were pieced by me. (These blocks are very time-consuming to make.) I save you lots of piecing time; and I love sewing.

+++ Remember that colors can vary, on different monitors.
The completed blocks will be pressed and trimmed. I sew with the utmost in care; however,
all seams may not perfectly match.

++Note: If you desire more than one set of these blocks, please allow for additional time
for them to be completed.

Make these a family heirloom. Use them throughout the year. Great for a wall, lap, crib, throw, wheelchair quilt. These are blocks only. You must sew them together to form your quilt top,
and then add batting, backing and your favorite quilting designs.

Fabrics are new, good quality, washed, pre-shrunk mostly 100% cottons. [When cotton blends
are used in any of the blocks or tops, it will be noted.]

Your lovely quilt blocks will be shipped to you first class, or priority mail.

+++ HandCrafted in the USA.

My blocks and blocks are trimmed and pressed and ready for your project.



If interested in smaller or larger sized blocks,
please email me for consideration.

I can usually make smaller or larger sizes
upon request.

MORE Coming soon!

Crib,Nursery, Lap
Quilt Tops

These are nice NEW quilt tops only. You finish them with your
backing, batting and your favorite quilting design.
I can finish a small quilt top into a quilt upon request. Contact me.
Fees will vary to finish a top. These tops are made with good quality fabrics, and love.

Masks - Shields
Week of April 6, 2020

Will Ship within 2-3 business days.

* QUILTED Handbags<br>* Lined & Scrappy Chic Totes<br>* Animal Themed Totes,<br>* Pocketbooks,<Br>* OOAK Wristlets w/ keychain<br>* Shoulder Bags *Purses<br>* Messenger Bags<br>with FLAPS<br>Great Fabrics
Crochet and Hand Knitted<br>Handbags, Purses, Wristlets<br>Pocketbooks<br>Cell, Cellular Carriers
HAND KNITTED  FABRIC Rag<br>Ragg Bags, Purses,Totes,<br>Carrier, Pocket Books
* QUILTED Handbags
* Lined & Scrappy Chic Totes
* Animal Themed Totes,
* Pocketbooks,
* OOAK Wristlets w/ keychain
* Shoulder Bags *Purses
* Messenger Bags
with FLAPS
Great Fabrics

Coming soon.

Crochet and Hand Knitted
Handbags, Purses, Wristlets
Cell, Cellular Carriers

These are gorgeous handbags that I crocheted and hand knitted, using various new yarns, with some fabrics mixed in, or added on some of the bags as unique embellishments. I used acrylics, eyelash, woolblends, fabrics, findings, jewelry parts,etc as embellishments, on these lovely bags. Know that you are getting a unique item that was made with love, for you to love and adore.

Ragg Bags, Purses,Totes,
Carrier, Pocket Books

Be sure to find one or more that you just must have.

Wallhangings<br>Small*Mini*Little*Wall*Art<br>Potholders<br>Completed Quilts
Rag Quilts<br>Crib*Wall*Lap*Minis
Foundation/Paper Pieced <br>*Completed Quilts<br>*Tops
Completed Quilts

These are small art, collage, mixed media, appliqued, beaded quilts that I lovingly put a lot of hand work into. (The variety of media used will vary with each quilt) These will be colorful and suitable for framing or for hanging on your wall. There should be at least one that will blend with your decor.

Rag Quilts

My rag quilts are made by me, then washed once or twice to begin the ragging effect.

Coming soon! MORE Beautiful HANDMADE RAGG Quilts.

Foundation/Paper Pieced
*Completed Quilts

These are handmade by me. Some of the completed quilts will come with a natural wood dowel, all ready for you to hang on your wall.

MORE Coming soon!

Traditional Quilt Tops
Crazy Quilts, Blocks & Tops
U*N*I*Q*U*E Mini Quilt Tops
Traditional Quilt Tops

I often helped my Grandma piece star blocks and others with my own two hands. I remember the sore fingers as a result of pushing the needle through the fabrics.

Then, I would sit and watch her and the other ladies quilt on wooden frames with nails on the frame edges, holding the project together.

Days Gone With The Wind.

Crazy Quilts, Blocks & Tops

These are wonderful crazies to give you
many years of great pleasure and WOW.

Some have been greatly embellished;
and some are waiting for your
special touch.

More Coming soon!

U*N*I*Q*U*E Mini Quilt Tops

*One of a kind* Gotta Luv 'Um

More Coming soon!

Basic Embellished<br>GO GREEN Eco Friendly<br>MARKET & Shopping<br>Fabric Tote Bags
Crochet & HandKnitted<br>Caps Hats Beenies<br>Rastafarian<br>Rastafari<br>Scarves
<font color=blue>Some sold Items</font>
Basic Embellished
GO GREEN Eco Friendly
MARKET & Shopping
Fabric Tote Bags

These nice new machine washable and dryable fabric totes are great for shopping, library, camping and other earth friendly adventures.

Crochet & HandKnitted
Caps Hats Beenies

Made with Great quality yarns.

Some sold Items

Atlanta, Georgia and Alabama U.S.A


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