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Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting. While still in your pajamas, shop here for good quality, fascinating and unique HANDMADE
items that are made in the U.S.A. -from a smoke free & pet free home. Bookmark this website by saving me in your FAVORITES !!!

(B) Pack of 3
Nose, Face, Mouth Covers - Masks

* QUILTED Handbags
* Lined & Scrappy Chic Totes
* Animal Themed Totes,
* Pocketbooks,
* OOAK Wristlets w/ keychain
* Shoulder Bags *Purses
* Messenger Bags
with FLAPS
Great Fabrics

+++ Traditional Quilt Blocks
Mostly 100% cottons.
Handmade in the USA.

12 x 12 Red and White Ohio Star
Pieced Patchwork Quilt Blocks

12) 10.5 x 10.5 Purple Pastel Floral Garden Tulips
Ohio Star Quilt Blocks

13 x 13 Red and White Ohio Star
Pieced Patchwork Quilt Blocks

4 Peaches Center
Ohio Star blocks

Some sold Items
Animal Themed
Tote Bags
(more coming

Animals African
Safari Jungle Theme
Lap Crib Throw Wall
Completed Unique
New RAG Quilt

Applique Beaded Spring
Floral RETRO Wallhanging
Little Art Mini Quilt

Appliqued Apple
Quilted Crazy
String Pieced
Potholder (A)

Appliqued apple
quilted crazy
string pieced
potholder (B)

Appliqued Berries
Shamrock Clover
Small Little Mini
Art Wall Quilt

Aqua and Hot Pink
Handknitted Purse
Cell Cellular
Bag Tote

Aunt Grace REPRO
Blue Yellow
Appliqued Hearts,
Irish Chain
Quilt Top

Aunt Grace
Repro Fabric
Homemade Rail Fence
Quilt Top

Log Cabin
Queen King
Quilt Top

Baby Blue White
Crib Lap Wall
Pieced Patchwork
Irish Chain Quilt Top

Basic Embellished
GO GREEN Eco Friendly
MARKET & Shopping
Fabric Tote Bags

Batik Floral Pink
Dresden Fans
Table Runner Quilt Top

Batik green red
lined padded
zippered wristlet
with inside pocket

Bear Paw Blocks
Bear Paw
Chocolate Brown White
Quilt Top Blocks Large

Beige Tan Suede Beaded
Fabric Purse Handbag

Big diamond on point
country shabby
log cabin quilt top

Birds World
Mini wallhanging
quilted Quilt

Black and White
Fun Fur Tweed
Cell Phone
Bag Tote
Purse Carrier

Black and Red
Circles Toile
Keychain Purse
Tote Bag

Black and White
Single Irish Chain
Quilt Top

Black and White
Hand Knitted Leather
Eye See You
Cellular Tote
Purse Cozy

Multicolored colors
Embellished beads
fabric yarn

Black tan faux
leopard print
beaded lined
purse tote handbag

Black White Cherries Floral
9 PATCH Patchwork
Irish Chain Quilt Top

Black White country
ROSES floral
irish chain
completed quilt
Sold Nov 3, 2006

Blue and White
Patchwork Pieced
Irish Chain Lap
Throw Wall Crib
Quilt Top NEW

Blue and White
Raw Edge
Hand Appliqued
Tulip Little Small
Mini Art Quilt

Blue Tweed Burgandy
Flower Handknitted
Winter Neckwarmer Scarf

Blue white applique
flower neckwarmer

Bluework Ducks
Tea Stained
Wall Quilt

Burgundy Red
Handknitted Neckwarmer
Triangle Scarf

Cabbage Rose
Smiley Face
Pink Gold
Orange Lavendar
Lime Green Mixture
Hand Appliqued
Hand Knitted
Cellular Cell Tote
Wristlet Purse

Category name = red and white
Cats Having Fun
in Diamonds
Irish Chain Quilt Top

Charlie Brown Snoopy
Scrappy Lunch
Patchwork Pieced
Tote Bag

Children Kids Child
Tote Bags
(more coming soon)

Chinese Coins
Colorful and White
Scrappy Country
Throw, Lap
Wall, Crib
Quilt Top

Chinese Coins
for my Sweetheart
Lap, Throw, Crib, Wall
Patchwork Quilt Top

Chocolate Brown
and White Cotton
Lap Crib Baby Wall
Irish Chain
Quilt Top

Chocolate Brown
Handknitted Neckwarmer

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